Marketo/Excel Integration

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Marketo/Excel Integration

Hello! I'm looking to create an email marketing dashboard in excel or google sheets that automatically updates Marketo data (open/click rates etc.) to share with my organization's directors on a weekly/monthly basis. Do you know if this is possible or have any advice? I've been doing research and it looks like I'd need to use a plugin like Zapier in order to make this work. Please note that I am not a developer and am a beginner when it comes to Marketo.


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Re: Marketo/Excel Integration

You can send rows directly to a Google Sheet via webhook — there's no reason to use an intermediate step like Zapier.


But you can't simply log all open and click events via a webhook unless you're talking about a very controlled volume, like < 25,000 such events per day.  Due to basic speed-of-light restrictions you can't send hundreds of thousands of webhook calls all day, every day.


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Re: Marketo/Excel Integration

You could try subscribing an email parser tool to a bunch of Marketo reports, and then use Zapier or a similar tool to update tabs on a Google sheet with the emailed spreadsheet data. Then present it however you want from there. You'd have to make sure the data is coming in the same way every time.


Also curious what kind of data you're looking to present. Do the directors have specific benchmarks they're trying to measure, or questions they're trying to answer with this information? May be able to create something in SFDC if you use email programs in Marketo and sync them to SFDC campaigns.