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Marketo and Tableau Integration

Hi, We are looking for the integration between Marketo and Tableau, We are able to integrate but we're not able to get the data from Revenue Explorer.
We want to sync below fields with Tableau.


How we can get RCM related data from MKTO into Tableau.

Does anyone had the same experience before?

Any help would appreciated!!

Dragos Moise‌ 

Thanks, Vinay 

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Re: Marketo and Tableau Integration

Hi Vinay,

In this case, you should add whatever CRM you're using as a data source into Tableau to pull the opportunity data, then just reference it accordingly. That's all RCE is doing in this setup as-is.

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Re: Marketo and Tableau Integration

Can you pull opportunity data from marketo into Tableau?

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Re: Marketo and Tableau Integration

For the best results we'd recommend exporting all Marketo and Salesforce data out of those systems into a cloud data warehouse like SnowFlake. You'll typically also need an ETL tool like Alteryx to normalize and organize the data for Tableau.

We have done this for ourselves at Revenue Pulse and Knak and also for several clients. The reporting is so much more flexible, robust and powerful than anything you can ever get in RCA.

Something like Fivetran can help you ensure the data is up to date all the time in an automated way.