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Marketo and Seismic Integration

Anyone has done Seismic and Marketo integration. I am looking to get the seismic email activities into Marketo so that we can use the same in our marketing activities. Please share if you have any documentation around the same or any suggestions of the custom integration that can be set up between the 2 systems. 

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Re: Marketo and Seismic Integration

I have integrated Marketo and other sales enablement platforms in past and I think this is gonna be a similar integration - you would need to create CO, CA as per the Seismic connector definition, set up an API user for the Seismic integration with apt permissions, and configure the API user's client secret and id in the seismic platform. Seismic then sends the content usage and engagement analytics/activities etc., data back to the Marketo, and in Marketo you can trigger off your scoring, interesting moments, etc. workflows based on that. Seismic also offers couple of other use-cases via its integration like managing all content sent through Marketo in Seismic, allowing sales users to access/deliver content via Marketo, etc.


I tried searching for the Marketo <-> Seismic integration documentation but could not find any! I would recommend getting in touch with Seismic rep/AE to get the exact details about the integration. With that said, I'll keep you posted here if I find more about Seismic integration myself! 🙂