Marketing attribution, tracking and projections

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Marketing attribution, tracking and projections


I'm looking for general advice around marketing attribution, tracking campaigns and projecting leads/SQLs/opportunities/revenue across our various initiatives (note: this is not Marketo product-specific question). Right now, each of our Marketo campaigns is tied to a corresponding campaign in Salesforce, and our team would like to do more complex reporting/analysis based on reports from Salesforce.

How have you structured the tagging/set up of your campaigns, sources, channels, etc. in Salesforce / Marketo? Specifically, I'd like to be able to track each of our marketing sources, channels and CTAs via Salesforce campaigns. This is how I'm defining each:

  • Source: At a high-level, how the lead came in to our system (ex: Paid Acq, Organic, Event)
  • Channel: More specifically, where the lead is from (ex: AdWords, PR, Networking Roadshow)
  • CTA: Even more specifically, what the lead interacted with (ex: Demo request, Downloading eBook, Registering for an event)

For context, we don't have access to Marketo's RCA (Revenue Cycle Analytics) product. I'm looking to build our model in my own spreadsheet using reports from Salesforce. Thanks in advance for your insight!

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Re: Marketing attribution, tracking and projections

Hey Joy,

You can get pretty good attribution metrics in terms of first and last touch in Salesforce.

Use the lead source and lead source detail fields, also the last lead source (sometimes called lead source most recent) and last lead source most recent, and make sure those values carry through from lead to contact to opportunity.

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Re: Marketing attribution, tracking and projections

Is there any documentation on how to set up lead source first and last in SFDC. We have been trying to get this added into SFDC for attribution and started with Original Lead Source, but it is not working correctly. Our SFDC Admin is stumped on how to create the fields to get it to work properly.

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Re: Marketing attribution, tracking and projections

There's no official documentation, but consultant firms and experts like Josh Hill​ have produced documents on how to this.

You will basically need 2 fields for this, Lead Source (which never changes) and Last Lead Source which changes with each campaign the lead is a "success" in.

Lead source should already be there, create Last Lead Source on both the lead and contact record with the same API name so it maps to the same field in marketo.

When a lead is created or is a success in campaign, fill in lead source with a hidden field on the form or a flow step. With the flow step, use "Lead Source is empty" as a constraint so you don't overwrite the original if one is there already. Then fill the last lead source.

Lead source and last lead source should map from the lead record, to the contact record, to the opportunity record.

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Re: Marketing attribution, tracking and projections

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Re: Marketing attribution, tracking and projections


I've attached our methodology documentation around lead source attribution for your reference. LeadMD wrote the book on Marketo Best Practices so if you are interested in further assistance an engagement with our team could provide ongoing help. I would also invite you to check out our best practices resources at

Lead Source Methodology.pptx

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