Re: Mapping Fields from Zoom (webinar) to Marketo

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Mapping Fields from Zoom (webinar) to Marketo

I've gone through this doc and have successfully set up the integration between Marketo and Zoom to pass registrant and attendee information back and forth. I'm now trying to figure out how to pass Q&A and poll responses back to Marketo after the webinar ends. I didn't see a field mapping process anywhere in the documentation or in any of the other discussions I've found.

I thought maybe that's what the Marketo custom object was for (which includes fields for Q&A and poll), but then I read this: 

  • If you aren't going to use Zoom registration pages, and are also planning on just letting Zoom send the confirmation and reminder emails, then you don't need to create the custom object "ZoomWebinarOtherInfo" or any of the fields therein.

So if I understand, since we're using our own page and not using Marketo confirmations and reminders, I don't need the custom object at all. So it seems like the custom object has nothing to do with feeding Q&A and poll data back to Marketo...? (I think I just don't understand what the role of the custom object is with Zoom webinars.) How does Zoom know which Marketo fields to sync that info to? I've seen similar conversations on the Community regarding other webinar providers, and I'm wondering if there's just not a good way to automate this yet? Is everyone doing a list import for this data? Thanks!

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Re: Mapping Fields from Zoom (webinar) to Marketo

Has anyone figured this out? I'm currently chatting with Zoom support and they're taking quite a while to answer this very simple question. 

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Re: Mapping Fields from Zoom (webinar) to Marketo

I'm very looking forward to know as well. Seems that Zoom will never pass that info onto Marketo at all.