Managing Lead Flow & notification for Leads/Contacts in SFDC

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Managing Lead Flow & notification for Leads/Contacts in SFDC

Relative newbie here, hoping to get some wisdom from the Masters.

I have 5 smart campaigns in Marketo that manage our lead flow process with SFDC, and I'm wondering if I've overlooked an easier way to do this. Hoping someone with more expertise would be willing to provide their thoughts:

Goal - for inbound form submits, we want to:

  1. Create Leads for a net new email address, update existing Leads or Contacts - associate to SFDC Campaign. Pretty typical.
  2. If an existing lead is assigned to an SFDC Queue, we re-trigger lead assignment rules to re-assign the Lead to Sales (we use a round robin via LeanData)
  3. We also use LeanData to convert a new Lead to a Contact in the case where there is an Account match.
  4. Notify the Lead or Account Owner with an alert, include the Marketo Program Name in the alert

We have Marketo Programs set up 1:1 with SFDC Campaigns using the Campaign sync - 1 program for Demos, Contact Us, one for each eBook, each Video, etc.

I have 5 smart campaigns to accomplish the above - currently I'm cloning the 5 smart campaigns for each key program.

1 - If Existing Lead with Sales Owner, send alert to Lead Owner

2 - If Existing Lead with Queue Owner, Reassign Lead to Round Robin

3 - Wait for new Lead Owner, send Alert to Lead Owner (include Marketo Program Name in alert)

    -->This covers net new Leads created and then assigned by the Round Robin, and Leads reassigned from Queues in #2

4 - If Existing Contact, send alert to Account Owner

5 - If New Contact, send alert to Account Owner

    -->This last step is for the Leads that are converted to Contacts by LeanData - it waits for the Lead Convert and sends the alert to the new Owner.

This all seems to work fine, but I'm wondering if there is an easier way to accomplish? Seems like pretty standard lead flow processing that most folks would need to do (?)

Second, I'm wondering if I can run these rules centrally rather than cloning the steps for each Program - Demo, Contact Us, eBook, Video - (as I'm doing now). Thus far, I've been cloning the steps for each Program because I'm not sure whether:

The alert can be centrally triggered and merge in the Marketo Program Name

If multiple form submits will each trigger an alert - in the case of one person submitting multiple forms in one session

In the case of multiple form submits from one user session, I'm thinking only one alert will fire since in #3 and #5, my filter is is looking for the Lead Owner to Change, or the Lead to Convert. Steps 1 and 4 are triggered off the form submit.

Wow that was a long question! Hoping someone finds it interesting and wants to weigh in.



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Re: Managing Lead Flow & notification for Leads/Contacts in SFDC

You should move all of those to a Central Operational Program and they should listen for all related activity and do the push.

If you do this decentralized, you will have way too many triggers and slow down your system as well as make it impossible to make lifecycle changes later.

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Re: Managing Lead Flow & notification for Leads/Contacts in SFDC

Thanks so much Josh, I appreciate your expertise. Is there a way I can centrally trigger alerts and include specific info about either the form they submitted or the Marketo program?