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Managing Blog Subscribers in Marketo

Hello All,

We are considering using Marketo to manage our blog subscriptions, but I wanted to get some ideas on what the Community is doing. I have always been a strong believer that blog subscribers should be kept separate from our prospecting database until they raise their hands to get "marketing" materials. I also have some concerns regarding data cleansing since we collect less information up front from our blog subscribers.

Lately, I've been leaning towards using Marketo to house the database so we can utilize the tracking, reporting and scoring functionality. We currently do not have a subscription/preference center so I am bit concerned on how we can guarantee the blog subscribers don't end up in our prospecting database. Any thoughts? How are others managing their blog?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Managing Blog Subscribers in Marketo

Hi Jennifer,

unless you are using the workspace / partition option, there is no possibility to automatically enforce that a lead cannot be targeted by a Marketo campaign. Vote here:

If you have this option, it is quite easy to organize. If you do not have it, it will require a strict discipline from all the users to make sure that your "blog only" subscribers are not targeted by any marketing campaign.


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Re: Managing Blog Subscribers in Marketo

Yup Greg is right on this one.

To throw in some additional ideas that may make it easier for your users to remember:

- You could have a blog subscriber field that gets checked off when the blog form is filled

- You can name your smart lists or segments, or however you target your emails to explicitly say "All Leads (Excluding Blog Subscribers)" and "All Leads (With Blog Subscribers)"

- Program templates would also be helpful to enforce this, since by default you can have exclusion lists already built in