Lost Acquisition Program - How to Recover?

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Lost Acquisition Program - How to Recover?

I see somone asked this once already back in 2012, but there isn't a resolution:


I've had to reset some progression statuses/channels for a few programs in various programs. In order to do this, I removed program members, removed trigger campaign progression steps, changed channels, batched in the new progressions, etc. This is best practice (I think - correct me if I'm wrong).

Unfortunately, this erases the acquisition program and some of the leads were acquired by the program and some were not. I did not realize this would happen or I would have exported the list of acquired members before removing them from the program so I could manually change acquisition program of those leads back. But they're gone now.

How can I tell which should be acquired by? I suppose I could take a stab in the dark and just say anyone who is now blank should be acquired by that program, but there must be a better way?
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Re: Lost Acquisition Program - How to Recover?


If you reach out to Marketo Support, they might be able to help you, but not sure if they keep records of this.

An alternative is to try to map the program back to a lead source (or similar) field.