Location of servers

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Location of servers

Hi does anyone know how we can find out the location of the server dedicated to our marketo data? We are going through a GDPR compliance initiative and this is a data point they need.

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Re: Location of servers

You should discuss with your Marketo rep who can discuss with Legal.

Unfortunately, Marketo hasn't provided very clear guidance on GDPR guidance (I've asked). There are some items within your Privacy Contract so you should review that.

You can deduce the server locations in a few ways:


The first CNAME=the Pod you are on. App ABC isn't super clear. Some people have SJX=San Jose data center. You can see some of the Pod#s here

Marketo Status

SJ, SJX, or SJRCA=San Jose

AB=Ashburn, VA



You can also ping that pod to trace it which may help. Mxtoolbox or other services may give a clear location.

#SL=Smart List unique asset ID for your instance


#ST=static list

#SC=smart campaign



A1=first panel for smart campaign, so B2=Smart List (usually) and C3 = Flow D4=Schedule, E5=Results

There is an EU data center which is mostly for EU customers.

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Re: Location of servers

Thank you!

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Re: Location of servers

Hey just to note Heidi that with the move to Google Cloud in beginning of 2018, you'll have to re-assess this - I think Marketo are publishing data on the whole GDPR thing in the next few weeks.