Re: Links not working for some people

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Links not working for some people

We have a Newsletter went out yesterday and some people are saying that our links are not working and is seeing "404 Error". Some people said it worked when they open an incognito window. Some people can also open links when clicking from email. We launched a new products yesterday and some contents have links that has no "https://www." could this be affecting the rest of the links?

Did a lot lot of live email testing and it worked on some people. The sample test worked yesterday and today it is showing error.

Has anyone came across this problem? Would appreciate some advice!

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Re: Links not working for some people

You have to supply more informationv the exact HTML used to construct the links.

In answer to your question about malformed links "infecting" well-formed links in the same email: no, one broken link doesn't break anothet otherwise correct link.