LinkedIn-Marketo Integration not catching leads

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LinkedIn-Marketo Integration not catching leads

Hi there!
I've set up the LinkedIn-Marketo Integration but Marketo isn't catching the leads that are filling out the LinkedIn form.

The campaign in Marketo is definitely "Active" (see attachment) and linked to the correct LinkedIn form.  There are currently leads coming in through the LinkedIn form and are NOT being captured in Marketo.  Our advertising agency set up the form in LinkedIn. What am I doing wrong here?

Furthermore, I want these leads to sync with our Salesforce instance, but in the smart campaign for the sync I'm not seeing the Lead Gen form name in the trigger drop down. This may be a clue as to why this isn't working? The form lives on LinkedIn, correct?


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Re: LinkedIn-Marketo Integration not catching leads

That is strange. The only thing I can think of is that possibly the wrong "Account" in LinkedIn is connected to Marketo.

What fields are you mapping from LinkedIn to Marketo? Is email address being mapped?

We ran in to the problem of not being able to map work email which was a deal-breaker for us.


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Re: LinkedIn-Marketo Integration not catching leads

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for your response. I've quadruple checked that the correct account is linked and it is. We're mapping email->email in Marketo, we also integrate with SFDC so we're ultimately trying to sync there.

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Re: LinkedIn-Marketo Integration not catching leads

Hi Koko,

Did you ever figure out the issue? Marketo support told me to re-establish my authentication with LinkedIn by following these instructions: Authenticating with OAuth 2.0 | LinkedIn Developer Network, however, I still can't get the leads to show up in our smart campaign byut I can see leads filling out the form on the LinkedIn side.

Any help is appreciated!


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Re: LinkedIn-Marketo Integration not catching leads

I had the same issue when we first started using LinkedIn lead gen forms. Once I disconnected and reconnected the service in Launchpoint everything has been working fine.

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Re: LinkedIn-Marketo Integration not catching leads

I have never had a problem until this week when I created a new lead gen form. I have re-activated several times, removed service & added it back in, paused LI campaign and then Activated and still nothing. See all my other forms but not the new one.

The account I am linked in is correct and the form has leads associated with it.

Did you get any answers that worked?