Leveraging custom object for marketing assets

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Leveraging custom object for marketing assets

Hey everyone,


I was hoping someone could help guide me along my train of thought here. We're looking to begin classifying the various marketing assets we create with a certain product affiliation (i.e. a webpage or gated piece will be tied to Product 1, Product 2, etc.). With our ideal various attributes applying directly to each individual asset, I figured it'd be a no brainer to start sketching out a many-to-many custom object architecture as opposed to just tagging the Person object with new fields (might get unwieldy). For now, I've started by drafting out an "Asset" CO and an intermediary "Engagement" CO to link the Person to the Asset.


Off the bat, I'd like to understand the eventual feasibility of being able to, through automation, associate a Person with an Asset as they engage with said Asset (and of course retroactively look at webpages/form fills someone has visited/completed in the past). What exactly might this process look like from a development standpoint? I'm not worried about allocating the resources, but I'd love to understand the scope and lift here. Obviously list imports aren't sustainable for something like this, so I'll definitely need to wrap my mind around how we could get this done via APIs.


Thanks in advance! Happy to clarify anything – a lot of this is in the brainstorming/theoretical phase for now 🙂

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Re: Leveraging custom object for marketing assets

We'd typically do this via webhook (unless your daily volume of new associations will be over, say, 20K).


Upon an interesting activity, the webhook passes relevant {{trigger.tokens}} (note these will not work for later backfill), {{my.tokens}}, and the {{lead.id}} to the remote service, which loops back back using REST API and creates the Engagement COs.

That's the high-level sketch.