Leverage Marketo SMTP server in AEM

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Leverage Marketo SMTP server in AEM

Hi there, 

I need to push emails from a custom form on AEM to a particular email address and we don't have SMTP server available at the moment.

Can I leverage the Marketo SMTP server for this purpose just to send emails on submission and I cant use Marketo forms

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Re: Leverage Marketo SMTP server in AEM

Yes, though to be clear, there's no SMTP-based submission mechanism (all web forms post over HTTP in any case).


You can cross-post from an AEM form to a hidden Marketo form using the Forms 2.0 JS API. The Marketo form will create/update the lead in Marketo, and you can trigger on the Filled Out Form activity to Send Email or anything else you want within the Marketo platform.