Re: Length of B2B Thought Leadership?

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Length of B2B Thought Leadership?

Hi everyone,

We've produced several digital content assets using landing pages. These landing pages are each about 1,000 - 1,500 words each (broken into small, short paragraphs), and incorporate images and links around a series of topics relevant to our industry - "Creative Food & Beverage Ideas" and "15 Tips for a Flawless Event." They are essentially taking the place of eGuides and eBooks, etc. until we have the resources to develop this type of content - like an extremely informative blog.

- Is this too long/too many words?

- Do you have any vendors/agencies you recommend to build this type of content into actual assets - interactive PDFs, etc. that are familiar with Marketo?


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Re: Length of B2B Thought Leadership?

Hi Alexis,

It seems to be quite long. Even for a blog article, it would be too long : no one would read such a long content. 2500 to 300 are good enough for indexing. 600 to 800 words is good enough for a long blog article.

If you have the resources to publish such a long content, the incremental cost to produce e-books (externalized) will not be that big.

The key skill an agency need to have to produce such contents is not to use Marketo 🙂 They first of all need to think in term of buyer personas and buying cycles and secondly be able to understand your business.

Finding a good agency also depends on the markets you want to address (geographically speaking) and the nature of your business.


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Re: Length of B2B Thought Leadership?

I've found longer content to be just fine. It's really up to how good it is and useful it is if people will read it.

If you want to convert those to ebooks or a blog, it should be easy to do so. There are plenty of designers and freelancers who can format the content into a nice PDF. finding the best agency or freelancer for you is another story...take the time to search and interview thoroughly.

I would tend to shy away from asking an agency to produce original content because they will rarely understand your business and persona without extensive research. Rather, find a journalist (like Adam New-Waterson) who is a freelancer OR find someone from your industry who is Retired, part timer, new consultant, etc...who has the time and interest in writing for your audience while getting their name out there.

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Re: Length of B2B Thought Leadership?

Try and get a form onto your page and see if you can make an objective out of your content to contribute to the form-fill, e.g., "Now you've read our content, request a call from a product specialist".

Clone the page, edit heavily and you've got a perfect candidate for an A/B test. You can use Marketo's built-in tools to figure out which landing page is contributing to most form-fill-outs.