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Hi, I have two related issues where I want to make sure that a field is not populate when it is empty.

1. we have a tone of leads/contacts in SFDC that have an empty lead source and if they fill in one of my forms e.g. for a webinar, it populates even though they got generate by a Sales person last year. Is there away to have a flow to keep the field empty?

2. We created two new lead source (Lead source level 2 and level 3) levels which are only used by the marketing team in our marketo forms to give us more details on the campaigns. Now if a lead has a lead source "Self generated" entered by a Sales person in SFDC, but that lead fills in a form for a webinar, it populates the level 2 and level 3 with the webinar details because they were empty.  I end up with the following:
Lead Source: Self generated (which should be "Event" if it was newly created trhough the webinar)
Lead Source level 2: Webinar
Lead Source level 3: Maverick Buying

instead of

Lead Source: Self generated
Lead Source level 2 and 3: are empty

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Re: Leave field empty

Overwriting existing data is solved by setting your fields to Field Blocking. Go to Admin > Field Management and choose the field. Then choose Field Blocking and check the boxes as appropriate. For instance, do not update on Form Fill Out, but you might want to run a Flow Action to update data later.
You can always turn this off temporarily.

As for keeping the value null, you can't really do this unless you tell SFDC to not show the field to Marketo. Another way would be to write "NULL Value" to the empty fields. If you write "NULL" Marketo interprets that as a command to erase the value. A better way would be to give those empty values a value. If you know they are sales generated, choose a value like "Sales Generated" or "Prospect List" and populate it.

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Re: Leave field empty

We have a value called "Created in SFDC" for Lead Source if the person creating the record does not select the Lead Source.
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Re: Leave field empty

Anissa, we've had similar issues in the past... sometimes I'll use choices for data value changes, and I'll set it to only change the data value if the acquisition program is that program. This way, only new leads should have that data written.