Leads without email addresses

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Leads without email addresses

What is the best practice when loading leads into Marketo that don't have email addresses?

We use SFDC and I create a SFDC campaign so that the leads can sync over for Sales. Will Marketo accept the records without emails and if so, am I creating dirty data?

The intent is that Sales will update the email addresses in SFDC but until then, the leads aren't marketable in Marketo.

I also want them "counted" as I work on quarterly lead reports.

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Re: Leads without email addresses

Overall, you should work to remove this from your sales and marketing process. It is against best practice to have leads in either system without email addresses.

That being said, (and it pains me to say this), you can upload those leads without email addresses as X@x.com , or some dummy email address.

In all your marketing activities, suppress that email address, such as Send email except unless contains X@X.com. You can also suppress scoring activities, reporting, everything by saying Email Address not contains X@X.com.

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Re: Leads without email addresses