Leads not sync from SFDC campaign to Marketo program

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Leads not sync from SFDC campaign to Marketo program

Hello lovely marketo users,


I've recently started using Marketo so I am still a newbie. I came across an issue and I'm struggling to find a solution for that. Maybe some of you experienced that already and can help me.


I've created a nurture prog in Marketo and wanted to sync it with a campaign in SF as I want to target a specific list of people. I've followed all of the steps and made sure the statuses are matching in both SF and Marketo. However, after I choose the action of the prog to sync with  SF campaign, nothing happens. I've been waiting hours and hours but the sync is not happening and the members are not added. The list has around 3k people. Is it the case Marketo needs a day to process bigger data lists?


As a test, I've created a test campaign in SF having 4 people and when I tried to sync that, it worked, even if it added 3/4 people.


Has anyone experienced this before? What would be the best solution? just use the 'import member' and upload the CSV. file instead?


Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Leads not sync from SFDC campaign to Marketo program

Did you sync it to a campaign that already had members? I believe the sync has to be triggered by a status change or person being added/removed from the campaign. I don't believe it'll catch-up to current status, but simply watch moving forward. Try adding a new person to the campaign and see if that person gets synced?

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Re: Leads not sync from SFDC campaign to Marketo program

I'd try looking at the Activity Log for a few members of the program. Is it possible they're missing some necessary data to sync to SFDC, such as Country or State, or perhaps they have a field populated with an unacceptable picklist value to SFDC (such as "CA" vs "California"). This can be a pretty common issue with list uploads, and you'll find out pretty quickly based on whether or not there's an SFDC sync error in the Activity Log. 


If there aren't any sync errors, try manually syncing some of the members to SFDC. If that works, you'll know the issue is with the program-campaign sync setup and not the leads themselves. Then we can troubleshoot further. Thanks!

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Re: Leads not sync from SFDC campaign to Marketo program

The SFDC campaign sync can be finicky, especially if you're adding a large # of people at once. SFDC doesn't like to process that many campaign members at once. Also, the program/campaign sync can be slow in general, but my guess is that you're going to log in tomorrow with a campaign sync error in your notifications. 


I'd recommend unsyncing the campaign from the program and adding "change status in sfdc campaign" flow steps.. You'll want to also run batch smart campaigns to update statuses of existing members. 

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Re: Leads not sync from SFDC campaign to Marketo program

Few things to consider before you troubleshoot - 

1) Did you check result tab of your campaign? Were there any sync failures? Double click on the sync failure logs to identify failures. 

2) Does all the records from your Marketo database have all the values which are mandatory in your SF instance? Say, Last Name field is required field in your SF and your Marketo record should have Last Name field value to satisfy the sync. 

3) From your Marketo campaign's flow step please confirm that you have been using valid member status value with flow step "Add to SFDC Campaign"


If you can share screenshots from your Marketo campaign it would be more convenient to validate your build approach.