Leads falling into multiple segmentations

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Leads falling into multiple segmentations

Hi there -

We are setting up an email and wanted to make the body copy dynamic - to 31 different audiences. If people fall into 2 or 3 audiences - what is typically the best practice here? Should you just have those people who "double dip" receive the default?



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Re: Leads falling into multiple segmentations

Hi Liz Krupka​ - dynamic functionality is based off of segmentation functionality, and by Marketo's definition, leads can only be in one segment of a segmentation. Thankfully, you can use the segmentation functionality to rank which one of your segments your want your lead to fall into first.

Good documentation here: Understanding Dynamic Content - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: Leads falling into multiple segmentations

I definitely would try not to punish people who meet multiple criteria by making it seem as if they didn't meet any!

In addition to David's note:

  • You could switch to Velocity (Email Script) tokens, which can handle any number of permutations and allow for a matrix of segments.
  • Though 31 segments is too many for this approach, when I have, say, up to 8 primary segments that I don't want to be mutually exclusive, I create a different segmentation​for each one, each with a single segment + the default.