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Lead scoring sync to SalesForce

Hi everyone,


I am hoping to get some urgent help on Lead scoring. Is there a way to set a flow for leads that have a certain score to be pushed to Salesforce? So example. one filled out form is xx points. We would like to have the lead only to be synced if they filled out two forms. 

We send out weekly forms to be filled out so as long as they filled out two we would like them for be synced to Salesforce via lead scoring. ANYTHING HELPS as our Marketo Admin quit abruptly.

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Re: Lead scoring sync to SalesForce

Support can setup a custom field which can enable custom sync. Ask Support to create a field called SYNC (say) and enable a rule to sync to SFDC only if SYNC=TRUE. You can mark that custom field as TRUE when a lead qualifies, using a smart campaign.

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Re: Lead scoring sync to SalesForce

All the people that start out in Marketo remain in Marketo until they are explicitly or implicitly synced to the SFDC! FWIW, you can create an operational Sync to SFDC campaign that'd only sync new people who have score requirements/# form fills met before syncing them over to the SFDC. I believe once synced, you may not want to stop the syncing (and I personally won't recommend it as well) if the person's score is reduced from the threshold (due to negative scoring campaigns) as not only you would have to work with support to create a custom sync field (which may take a few days/weeks) but also you’d need to create a setup that would update the custom sync field field back and forth every time a person’s score changes to value above/below the required threshold.


Also, it’s not worth configuring and maintaining the custom sync filter setup without a strong business / technical need.


Let us know if you have any questions. 🙂



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Re: Lead scoring sync to SalesForce

Totally agree with you there. As for controlling when a lead syncs, you can of course define any kind of trigger. A lead score threshold being reached, a specific interaction or a revenue cycle stage being reached the most common ones.