Lead Scoring Recommendation

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Lead Scoring Recommendation

Hi All,
I would like to start reviewing our lead scoring model and my predecessor has not left any document relating to when it was first implemented. Saying that I am pretty good with Marketo and have studied the whole lead score model we currently have in place.
My question is what would be the best possible steps to take in order to change/replace the current model since it’s not working for us at the moment?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Lead Scoring Recommendation

  1. new lead scoring system outline
  2. review with sales and marketing
  3. document exact triggers, scores, timings
  4. create a new Program and campaigns
  5. make sure you know if the MQL trigger will need to be changed
  6. turn off MQL triggers (to avoid sending 1000s to sales during the rebuild).
  7. batch to clear out prior scores to 0
  8. batch update demographics
  9. batch update behavior scores - but think if you need to do this at all or restrict to activity in past 90 days.
  10. turn on any trigger scoring
  11. turn on MQL triggers 
  12. monitor for a few days to correct errors.
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Re: Lead Scoring Recommendation

Thanks Josh...
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Re: Lead Scoring Recommendation

Hi Christopher,

Josh's list is a great guide to the steps you need to go through to get a new scoring model in place. I'd suggest that #2 take the spotlight as you are also going to have to re-convince sales that the whole scoring model is worthwhile. You might investigate why what you have now is not working (as this is often related to the human part of the business process). There is a ton out there on how your scoring connects to your overall lead liefecycle business process and I have seen that lack of success is primarily related to a couple of things 1) original model was too subjective and then never monitored and learned from and 2) there was no buy in from sales/lack of team alignment.

Here's an interesting blog post from Fliptop that I was emailed today, might be a good read http://blog.fliptop.com/blog/2014/06/17/ive-built-lead-scoring-nobody-uses/. And of course there's always Marketo's take on the process http://www.marketo.com/definitive-guides/lead-scoring/  

Have fun!
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Re: Lead Scoring Recommendation

I strongly agree with Rhoan. #2 is the most important step. An effective lead scoring program can literally double a sales rep’s productivity.  An ineffective program, at best, is ignored by the sales team and, at worst, can send reps down the wrong path, pursuing bad prospects.

Here's a blog post that attempts to lay out the process for developing a lead scoring system that works:

How To Develop Lead Scoring That Works | CMO-ToGo

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Re: Lead Scoring Recommendation

My recommendations are:

1. Document existing scoring model

2. Highlight the points that require most attention

3. Identify the elements that are working fine

4. Define which are the behaviours or demographics that need changes.  Are you scoring too high or too low?

5. Identify all the other campaigns that would be impacted if you make changes (Qualification rules for Engagement Streams, Revenue Cycle Model, etc.)

6. Get sales to have a say and approve the new model

7. Define a strategy on how to deal with changes. Are you resetting scoring? Are you using negative scoring?

8. Document your planning and document your building

9. Build your scoring model with tokens - It will make your life easier

10. Have fun, scoring is awesome!