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Lead is created

Hi all

I'm doing something simple, but getting unexpected results.

I'm running a smart campaign to add to a list.

SL: Lead is created trigger

Flow: 1. Add to list 'Acquired in last 30 days'. 2. Wait 30 days. 3. Remove from List.

But.. For whatever reason this trigger campaign seems to be working as a "lead is updated" campaign, rather than a lead is created campaign.

As proof, the smart campaign has only been running since the 1st October, but people who were acquired on the 1st September were in my list.

Is it a bug? The leads were altered via a list import.

Or am I just misunderstanding something?

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Re: Lead is created

Hi Nicholas,

Are you sure you have an orange Lead Is Created trigger in your smart list, and not a green Lead Is Created filter?

Another way to tell is in the Schedule tab for your campaign.  A trigger in the smart list will give you the Activate button the Schedule, while having a filter in the Smart List will make it so you have to schedule the smart campaign to run at some future time.


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Re: Lead is created

Hi John - it is definitely a trigger campaign.

The only thing I can think of is that it started life as a batch campaign?

I'll keep monitoring it.

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Re: Lead is created

What is the Trigger exactly? Are you using constraints?

Is this set to run once per lead?