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Lead Generation

How do I make the answers to a form turn automatically into leads in an specific campaign on SFDC?

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Re: Lead Generation

Hi Andre,

You can set up a smart campaign that has a smart list of:
(1) Trigger: Form Submission = your form
(2) Filter: Field that captured the Question = the desired answer

With a flow of:
(1) Sync to SFDC Campaign (documentation on this flow step is here)

That will add the people who filled out your form with a specific answer to the SFDC campaign of your choosing (and status within that campaign). 

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Re: Lead Generation

Thank you! It helpped a lot.

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Re: Lead Generation

Your question isn't entirely clear.


You say "the answers on a form", but do you mean, as Tori assumed, that the lead who filled out the form is routed to a certain SFDC Campaign based on their answers?


Or do you mean that the form is used as a Referral Form, so "the answers on the form" are turned into additional leads in a Campaign?