Lead generation but no email notification

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Lead generation but no email notification

Hopefully someone in the Marketo universe can help me with the following dilemma.

In 2016 I had lots of success using a contact form to gather/generate leads and I would be notified via email when a new lead filled out the form.

Looking to replicate the success from 2016 into 2017, I reactivated the same process and updated the url where the form was placed.

Leads are being created, but I am no longer receiving any email notification of the lead being generated and I have attempted multiple times to get the emails to come through via tests, etc.

Can someone please advise on how to correct this situation?

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Re: Lead generation but no email notification

Please move the thread to Products​ (Marketing Central is for general marketing topics as opposed to Marketo-specific solutions).  When you move it, also include screenshots of your Smart Campaign -- without this info, there's nothing we can do to tell you what might have changed year over year.