Re: Large group of non-prospect people in Marketo

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Large group of non-prospect people in Marketo

I just wanted to get some advice on something that has been proposed.

I've been asked to potentially add a large number (potentially 1000s) of person records to Marketo in order to send non-marketing business operational emails.

These people are not prospects and we will not be marketing to them. However we do have currently a large database of marketable persons in Marketo.

Also we'll definitely want to avoid syncing these people to Salesforce.

I'd just like to get some more experienced minds input on the risks surrounding this.

How would I split the marketable/non-marketable people up?

How would they not sync to SF but still let prospects do so?

What are the big downsides to storing prospects and non-prospects in the same Marketo instance?

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Re: Large group of non-prospect people in Marketo

Hi Sam,

If I were you I would probably use Segmentations to keep your non-marketing business targets separate from the rest. In addition, if the emails you send to them will truly always be operational - than another safeguard would be to set Marketing Suspended to True for all of them and populate a Marketing Suspended Reason with "Non-Prospect Business Contacts" or similar. Use a label that makes sense to you.

As for how to keep them from syncing, you'll need to add a filter to your smart campaign(s) that sync people that excludes them. If you create the Segmentation you can exclude the segment.


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Re: Large group of non-prospect people in Marketo

Hi Sam! A similar option would be to use a field to mark these records. From there, consistently using global marketable lists (that exclude these people), will help ensure these records do not receive other emails. Segmentations can sometimes cause system speed to go down, which is why I wanted to put this one out there as well!