Landing Page/Program Reporting Views

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Landing Page/Program Reporting Views


I was curious to see if there is a way to customize a view within a report , whether it be a standard report from a local asset in a program or within the general program report that comes with the instance?

Essentially, I am trying to report on what source(s) prospects come in from via certain UTMs. We have fields that identify sources and mediums, but it looks like these reports will not allow you to bring in fields to the report.

Do we need advance analytics with Marketo to do this?

Are there any decent reports to outline UTM tracking link activity?



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Re: Landing Page/Program Reporting Views

Hi David Pappalarado​,

Instead of a report you can go to the members tab of a program and then filter by status.  Once you get your desired status go to view and edit view.  There you can select which fields you would like to view. See screenshot.

You could also create a a new smart list in your program based on the criteria you want and then edit that view in a similar way.

Both are then exportable.

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Re: Landing Page/Program Reporting Views

Hi David,

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Marketo basic reports offer very little customization. You can add custom columns in person reports only, using smart lists. See Add Custom Columns to a Person Report - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

Advanced reporting (formerly RCE) offers much more capabilities indeed.