Issues with SugarCRM Marketo Connector

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Re: Issues with SugarCRM Marketo Connector

Thanks - we enabled it for testing and see that leads are coming over, however, we aren't able to limit the leads to ones that meet a filtered criteria (aside from score).  Do you know of a way around that in Marketo? As in, do we disable Check for changes to leads in Sugar and use the webhook with smart campaign in Marketo instead?

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Re: Issues with SugarCRM Marketo Connector

Hi Sonnia - Bedrock Data is a third party integration product bi-directionally connecting Marketo to any SaaS CRM (NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals, etc.). 

We have customers who have gotten fed up with the free native connector between Sugar and Marketo.  So happy to help if you'd like to see how Bedrock Data can manage that for you.

One of the added advantages is Bedrock Data is a bi-directional sync means it will be de-duplicated in either direction --- aka as leads are added to Sugar or Marketo. Even the Marketo native Salesforce connector doesn't handle this well - as a new lead from Salesforce that already exists in Marketo (but not yet synced) would create a duplicate.

We also provide an interface for you to manage your rules on what syncs, when - so you have more control of the process.

If you'd like to discuss I'm Zak[at]

Also check out our recent Marketo Power User Series here:

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Re: Issues with SugarCRM Marketo Connector

A little more info here Sonnia.

Posted this today highlighting common scenarios we are solving with the Bedrock Data connector for Marketo & SugarCRM. 

Five ways Bedrock Data provides a better Marketo-SugarCRM connector


1. Sync every 5 minutes

2. Bi directional Sync (De-duplicate in both directions, control what syncs in both directions)

3. Sync multi-select fields from Sugar and build smart lists in Marketo

4. Create contacts in Sugar

5. Sync back opportunity for Marketo RCA for SugarCRM

Let me know if you'd like any more info.

Best Regards,