SugarCRM Connector Unable to retrieve data

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SugarCRM Connector Unable to retrieve data

Hoping someone can help! we have just started on Marketo and i'm trying to sync data with our SugarCRM, I have followed the sugar instructions to the letter but just get the below error when testing the connector, any ideas?


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Re: SugarCRM Connector Unable to retrieve data

Hi Sean - Were you able to resolve the issue? We (Bedrock Data) have been working with many Marketo-Sugar customers lately as we have a third party connector which leverages the Marketo & Sugar APIs for a more robust connection. 

Some of the areas we've been helping Marketo-Sugar customers include:

1. More reliable than the native connector

2. Bi directional to handle leads originating in both Marketo & Sugar (de-duplicate)

3. Greater workflow functionality - control different sync rules by product, line of business or region, for example

4. Additional capabilities like multi-value picklists, creation of contacts in Sugar to meet your business process

If this is something I can assist with just let me know, I'm

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Re: SugarCRM Connector Unable to retrieve data

A little more info here Sean. Published this article highlighting common scenarios we are solving with the Bedrock Data connector for Marketo & SugarCRM.  Highlights are:

1. Sync every 5 minutes

2. Bi directional Sync (De-duplicate in both directions, control what syncs in both directions)

3. Sync multi-select fields from Sugar and build smart lists in Marketo

4. Create contacts in Sugar

5. Sync back opportunity for Marketo RCA for SugarCRM

Here's the article:

Five ways Bedrock Data provides a better Marketo-SugarCRM connector

Let me know if you'd like any more info.