Re: Issue with tokens in emails

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Issue with tokens in emails

Hi all,

I´ve an issue with a lead token in emails. I´d like to use a lead token in an email and have that link in a smart campaign as trigger "Clicks link in email" to opt-in people to my database? But the token is not recognized as proper link in my smart campaign. And if I use the version with "http://{{lead tolken.....}}, the link is not working anymore.

Does anyone have a solution for that?



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Re: Issue with tokens in emails

Hi Dorothea,

A couple of things here:

- You actually can't use tokens in Smart Lists (well, officially, anyway.)

- With that said, you do have a couple of other options. The easiest would be to utilize Link ID, a sorely under-appreciated constraint*. When building your email, you'd simply want to swap the anchor tag you're using to include an ID parameter, like

<a href="{{lead.tokenWithLink}}" id="myAwesomeLinkID">This is a link</a>

From here, you'd still use your "Clicks Link in Email" trigger, but would add "Link ID is myAwesomeLinkID" to fire the trigger. Your other option, which might be even easier depending on the contents of the lead token, would be to find the common pattern in the URL for the lead token and use "Link Contains" to narrow down the link.

*Obvious caveat here that you will not be able to track text email clicks.