Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

The login will be shared by beta users, the role is beta test user basically no one wants to use this version yet.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

I turned on Sky this morning. Overall, the new UI is really polished and easier to navigate. It's clearly Beta, but I'm really excited to see how everything pans out! Here is a list of Known Issues and Pending Features.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

I was looking forward to training some new team members exclusively in the new UI, but was disappointed to find that Event programs aren't available. Once they're available, we'll be switching over.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

I have been checking the beta version back and fourth and found so many things are yet to come before we completely migrate to this.

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Sant Singh Rathaur
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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

I've been bouncing back and forth too. Seems to be faster and I like the UI. Looking forward for the full version.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

Opened it. First thing I tried to do was not supported yet. Bailed. Will be back when more of a complete experience. Anyone know if Marketo has published a timeline or roadmap for the UI?

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

Am I the only one that is really not a fan of the color scheme? I don't love the white-text-on-dark-purple - feels hard to read...and also all of the icons being basically the same white and cream colors make distinguishing between different objects pretty difficult at a glance (ie it'd be nice if folders vs archived folders looked more distinct from each other, as well as programs vs smart campaign coloring).

I agree that the UI feels faster, but for me, the UX, based on some of the design/color scheme choices, still feels awkward/uncomfortable...

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

Yes, I find it very hard to read!

Amy Goldfine
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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

Hi Victoria Chu​ and Everyone else in this thread,

I have written a detailed blog on all new features, comparison and the efficient use of Marketo Sky, in which I have also depicted the details with screenshots. Here is the link to my blog - Marketo Sky - New Features, Comparison and efficient use . Hope this helps Please feel free to share your feedback and any additional perspectives that you might have.

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Karan Hari

Karan Hari
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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

Still too buggy to use in a production environment.  We're noticing several of our existing programs missing constraints, values, tokens, etc.  For example, here's a subset of flow steps from an existing smart campaign:


When accessing this in Sky, some of the fields contain no values (this is consistent across all of our programs/smart campaigns):


In many of our smart campaigns, many of the tokens are simply not there.

A couple other quick observations:

  • When typing in the token type (e.g., {{my., {{system., {{lead.), Marketo doesn't provide a listing of available token values.  You have to know the full token value before entering it in the field
  • When clicking the "trash" icon, there's no confirmation to see if you really want to delete.  It just goes away.