Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

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Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

Is anyone using Marketo Sky yet? If so, I'd love to hear your feedback - love it? hate it?

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

I've been switching back and forth - not yet having ability to access member of list/smart list for filters or Event/Email programs at the program level means that you can't really wholly move to Sky as a team until you have all the filters and program types in the system. That said, I love Labels and the Saved Filters, it's just a little more of a Beta than I feel comfortable with activating beyond our power users.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

Does it have version control and/or are they planning to implement this feature?

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?


Only Marketing Activities is available on the next gen UI for beta testers, so, it is sort of an incomplete experience.

The filters are handy though, and it looks nice.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

I echo what Darrell and Oliver stated. I've been bouncing back and forth. I like some of the efficiency gains. I feel like processing is faster but I don't feel that the UX is any faster if that makes sense. It find myself reverting back to the classic experience more often than not b/c I don't like the two experiences.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

How do I enable it? I want to try it and I thought I clicked to turn it on, but noting changed.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

You'll need to click the "Next Gen UX (Beta)" tile on your homepage to access it Introducing Marketo Next-Gen UX Beta – Marketo Next-Gen UX Beta Help Center

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

I created a separate login and role for beta testing. I echo what others are saying, its maybe 25% functional. Not something you can roll out for anyone other than an admin type to play with.

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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

You do not need a separate login in fact.

The simplest way to roll it out is to create a specific role and assign access to the nextgen UI only to this role. Then you can grant that role to the specific people you want.


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Re: Is anyone using Marketo Sky?

We started dabbling in it yesterday, but quickly found we had to go back to the original. Had some issues with accessing subfolders within programs.

It's most definitely Beta, but I'm looking forward to watching it get polished up!