Is Anonymous change >> will they get emails at merge?

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Is Anonymous change >> will they get emails at merge?

We are very uncomfortable about the changes Marketo is about to introduce regarding the Anonymous Leads.

Extract from their site:

Next Generation Munchkin Tracking FAQ - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

"At the point of conversion (when the lead becomes known in Marketo), all activities that occurred when the lead was anonymous will be appended to the lead activity log and at this time they will flow through the campaigns they qualify for."

Is my understanding correct that when an Anonymous Lead becomes known to Marketo they will flow through every campaign they would have qualified for in the past if they were known?



Using an example I came across the community here: Blank Alert Emails


If you have setup a trigger campaign to send you an alert based on lead activity, you may have received a few blank alerts.


Anonymous leads qualify for trigger campaigns, this is by design, you want anonymous leads to be scored if they show desirable behavior, but receiving blank alerts probably does not make sense.

Use the Is Anonymous filter in your trigger campaign's smart list in order to stop anonymous leads from entering:

rtaImage (3).png

Excellent! You should no longer receive blank alerts from your anonymous leads.



1. The filter will no longer be needed as they will not go through the flow

2. Will the campaign manager receive an alert once the Lead becomes known?


if the answer to point 2 is YES then we will most likely have to review every single campaign and add additional filters. This would not be nice at all...

I hope my understanding is incorrect.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Is Anonymous change >> will they get emails at merge?

Hi Peter,

from all the discussions we had here, Removal of "Is Anonymous" filters. I think that :

  1. Yes, the filter will no longer be needed
  2. As the campaign is a direct one, it will fire when the lead gets "promoted" to known and the campaign manager will receive the alert at that time.