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Interesting Moments

We would like to be able to quickly see what an individuals last 2 interesting moments are. (As opposed to looking in the activity log for each individual.)
Is there any way to retain the interesting moments information?
Originally, I was thinking of creating an additional field for Last Interesting Moment #2, and in the flow of the interesting moments, push the current content to the new field so that when there is a new interesting moment, we have retained the past 2. However, I am having issues with this as well.

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Re: Interesting Moments

Hi Heather,

What are you hoping this data will provide you?  When you say activity log, do you mean without having to look in Sales Insight?  

You're definitely on the right track if you wanted to say have two fields in Salesforce that store the last two interesting moments.  Might just be a small tweak in your flow, but would be good to understand what the solution is looking to accomplish.  Might be another way.
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Re: Interesting Moments

At Summit there was a session dealing with tokens and concatenating them into a running activity token.  It really blew my mind! I think something like that might work for your situation.   I didn't see it on the summit recordings, hopefully someone will pipe up who took better notes than me!
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Re: Interesting Moments

To concatenate a token, all you do is append the new token to the existing field value (using a Change Data Value flow step).  I provided a reply to a similar question in this discussion thread.
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Re: Interesting Moments

Hi everyone,

We are not integrated into any CRM at the moment. So when we send informatin to the reps, we currently go through the individuals activity log/lead detail to provide more comprehensive information.
I had begun the process Nicole and Dan had suggested, but am having troubles with it as well.
Change Data Value:
Attribute: Last Interesting Moment Desc #2
New Value: {{lead.lastinterestingmomentdesc}}

I created another field for past interesting moments. The flow that I was going for here was to move all data in the Last Interesting Moment Desc field to the new field I created. When I tested this out, the data was not changing to the new field.