Inheriting a Marketo Instance

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Inheriting a Marketo Instance

Hi team,

I've recently inherited a Marketo instance and I'd like to perform some general house keeping and tidying.

Can I please confirm that renaming templates, renaming campaigns, renaming folders and reorganizing these elements within these folders and new folders won't break anything? E.g. if certain elements reference each other or if there is existing API integration with some forms that I would like to rename?

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Re: Inheriting a Marketo Instance


Welcome to Marketo.

Renaming assets in general does not break anything because when those assets are referenced, their new names will be referenced. For example let's say in a smart campaign you are referencing "Member of Smart List: Created 8/3/17". If you were to rename that smart list to "Created 8/4/17" and check back to that smart campaign, it will now show "Member of Smart List: Created 8/4/17". To be safe, before you rename, you can reference the "Used By" tab of any asset to see what other assets are referencing it.

Also check out this resource: Help! I've Inherited an Existing Marketo Instance - Marketo Docs - Product Docs