Inaccurate click information?

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Inaccurate click information?

Hello, I deployed an email earlier today to a total of 3,017 contacts. According to the Marketo reporting, 2,214 contacts opened that email and 2,022 clicked. While I did send this email to a group of contacts who had previously clicked on one of my emails, I don't think it's possible that 91% of the contacts who opened the email proceeded to click. I also don't see any sign in Google Analytics of over 2,000 users visiting the page that they would have clicked to. I've had this happen once before and I opened a ticket and Marketo support simply said it was correct. 


Has anyone else seen something similar to this? There's just no way this email had a 67% click rate. 

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Re: Inaccurate click information?

"Inaccurate" isn't really the right term. "Scrupulously accurate" is more like it.


Without Bot Detection + filtering turned on, Marketo records any HTTP request for a tracked URL as a click. This includes both machine-generated requests - i.e. by mail security scanners - and human-generated requests.


You can read a lot more about his behavior in past posts even this post from earlier today.