Importing a template from themeforest

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Importing a template from themeforest

Hi guys -- apologies if this was already answered, I searched quite a bit to do some due diligence but haven't found a similar question, so here it goes.

We have found the Marketo landing page builder to be very clunky/not user-friendly for building sophisticated landing pages and because of this, I would like the flexibility to purchase custom landing page templates via something like Themeforest's Marketing Landing Pages and import them, then tweak whatever html/css as necessary. I haven't found any documentation to tell me the proper way to do this, and having a few difficulties with calling an external css sheet--Marketo's platform doesn't seem to support this for LP...however, most of the pre-built templates for sale are built to call external css sheet.

What are the steps for proper importing of an html-based template for landing pages? How can I vet a template's specs before I buy it to make sure it will work?
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Re: Importing a template from themeforest

Hey Kathleen,

This is a bit of a tricky subject, if only because a lot of this is dependent on what you're trying to accomplish with the LPs in question. I will note this much:
  • You actually can use external CSS with Marketo landing pages! The only issue, albeit minor, is that Marketo doesn't like to show external CSS on preview
  • In terms of importing from Themeforest, it's doable, but there are some caveats. As a developer, I actually prefer you to show me the design you like and then adapt it to Marketo, because a lot of these landing pages have...unique ways of dealing with things that don't translate well to Marketo.
  • If you plan on using forms, social sharing, or other items, or don't want to go the all-token route, there's going to need to be a bit of work done either way.
I'd be happy to talk a little more one-on-one with you about this if you'd like; my email is