ICS Files on Landing Page

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ICS Files on Landing Page

Hi there, this might be a silly question however I am not able to find an answer anywhere.

We are creating multiple webinars with ICS tokens over a period of 6 months, and will also be creating a landing page with a summary of each webinar.

The issue at the moment is that we are able to only add x1 ICS token on that landing page, but not the rest.

Do you know if there is any way we can add multiple ICS files onto one landing page?

Thank you.

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Re: ICS Files on Landing Page

You can do this in 2 ways:

- Create multiple Calendar Reminder tokens within the same program and link them as normal.

- Get the ics file link, then add as a normal link, to do this, click preview on the landing page which has one of the other ics files you want and right click the calendar reminder and copy the link:


I hope I'm catching you right.