html only?

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html only?

Has anyone been able to send only HTML with no auto-generated text versions using Marketo?

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Re: html only?


I do not believe this is possible as it is mostly dependent on the recipient's email server. If they do not automatically download HTML, then they will see the text version of your email. If they automatically download HTML or choose to do so when viewing the text version, then they will see the HTML version. Marketo needs to send both as a catch-all so to speak.

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Re: html only?

(Question should be in ​Products​, not ​Community. ​Community is for feedback about this site, not the "user community," and yes, that is confusing.)

If someone is using a mail client that supports HTML, they almost always download the HTML markup if it's present.  It's the embedded assets in the HTML (i.e. IMGs) that, in clients like Outlook, are not downloaded unless the lead chooses to do so. 

Rarely is the lead shown the true Text version first without having made that deliberate choice, and you should definitely accommodate their preferences. Sometimes, the mail client supports "Text First" or "Prefer Text" as an option and someone chooses to view the Text only versions of all emails, even when the client would be capable of showing them the HTML version without images. (I have my primary mail app set to Text First for a selection of senders.)

In the end, there are only disadvantages to sending HTML-only emails.  You would only alienate those who use non-HTML mail readers or have a Text First type of switch turned on. The exception may be when you have a preference center that allows for Text Only to be selected, and you don't want to maintain a working Text version on the HTML side. In that case you can just leave a single line in the Text section that says, "We do understand that some people prefer text-only emails! Just go to and we will send you a text version from now on."