How to reduce lead batches to Salesforce?

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How to reduce lead batches to Salesforce?

Hello, Community!


My Marketo org is integrated to Salesforce. Our SFDC org is going through a problem and can't process many leads at the same time (the SFDC team is working on a solution, but it might take a few weeks). 


The problem is, meanwhile, I can't upload lists on Marketo with more than 100 leads without causing an error on SFDC.


We upload many lists on Marketo here, let's say 10/week, usually with 200+ leads, coming from tradeshows and external events we participate.


I talked with Marketo's support and we can't reduce the batch size of leads to Salesforce - it is 300 leads at the time, more than what our SFDC supports now.


So right now our solution is to divide the lists into smaller lists and upload them one by one, waiting 15 minutes between them. You can imagine how frustrating it is.


Does anyone have an idea on how to improve this process while our SFDC org is not ready to receive bigger batches?

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Re: How to reduce lead batches to Salesforce?

Net new leads created in Marketo aren't synced to SFDC until they are purposefully synced using a Sync to SFDC, Add to a SFDC Campaign, Change SFDC Campaign Status,  Change Owner, etc. flow steps. One way could be doing a batch sync of the new leads added to the list instead of pushing all the new people to the SFDC at one single time. Instead, you can create a temp custom Sync to SFDC batch campaign for syncing the new leads you upload via list upload until your SFDC issue is fixed; you can use the random sample to pick a bunch of leads from the list, sync them to SFDC, wait for 15 minutes, remove synced people from the campaign flow, and repeat the process for rest of leads in batches.


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Re: How to reduce lead batches to Salesforce?

We are having the same issue in our sync from Marketo to Salesforce.  We have several process builders that fail on updates that are over a batch size of 25.  We can control batch sizes with everything except for Marketo!  Why is that??  Why can't Marketo have a control on batch size?