How to Make Changes to a Trigger Campaign

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How to Make Changes to a Trigger Campaign

Hi Marketo Nation,

Here is the situation.

We currently deploy a monthly newsletter in which we have a recurring campaign - "change status to influenced" when a customer engages with content within the newsletter. However, we want to exclude all clicks to the preference centre (as that's where they can unsubscribe). This is a triggered campaign (i.e. once someone clicks they will have a status change) however, my question is, is there a way that I can pull a report to see those customers who just clicked on links/content within the newsletter from January to May and exclude those who clicked on the preference centre? Or, as an alternative, can I make changes to the actual trigger campaign to reflect accurate results? 

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Re: How to Make Changes to a Trigger Campaign

Well, you can do both!


In the trigger campaign, you can add a Link is not <preference-center-link> constraint in the Clicked Link in Email Trigger.


You can create a SL or a Email Link performance report with apt filters to get the click engagements less preference center clicks using the similar filter constraints, be sure to add the desired timeframe (date range) for the activity. Also, FYR - the Email link performance report by default excludes the click activities on the links added via the {{system.unsubscribeLink}} token or the default email footer in the email.


Lastly, any changes made to the trigger campaign will apply for the future leads who qualify for the campaign, i.e., the changes to the trigger campaign are forwards looking only, and not retroactive.


Let us know if you need more details / have any questions. 🙂