How to leverage Out of Office extracted leads?

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How to leverage Out of Office extracted leads?


I’m receiving, as you are, a lot of Out of Office emails (OOO) from my email campaigns. In these OOO emails, we can get a ton of qualified leads (please find my new email address, contact my colleague during my holidays, etc..).

So I decided to run an email extractor from my Outlook mailbox to get these email addresses, based on the fields “From”, “To”, “CC”, but also the body of emails which is far more interesting. The extract generated around 24k email addresses.

After cleaning the extract with keywords like role-based email addresses (example, spam traps, etc, I got around 19k qualified email addresses. Not so bad even if I think around 50% of these email addresses should be already in my database.

The questions are:

  • How to leverage these leads through Marketo?
  • How to import properly the extract? Should I? Should I test it before with free email services like MailChimp?
  • Which channel / source / success should be used to have metrics then?

Feel free to add any concerns that I might have forgotten or should think about it.

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Re: How to leverage Out of Office extracted leads?

Hi Xavier -- There a lot of variables on this one. I've done the same thing in the past, but found that a lot of the email addresses listed weren't really my target customer, merely someone watching email from another department, but as long as that's something in your cleansing process, then kudos to you. I definitely would not simply upload them to Marketo without a comms plan in place -- unless you have a pretty solid cold nurture (like I said, lots of variables). Another variable is whether you have double-opt-in or not, but I'm assuming not. Have you thought of the potential CAN-SPAM and GDPR implications? Maybe just load the US data you know is U.S. as another filter if not?

Long advice short -- I would ensure your cleansing incorporated a few of the questions above, but when/if you load them into marketo make sure to flag them to both A) send them dedicated comms customized to people that don't know you, and B) leads you can easily remove from your database if there's no validation to keep them.

You might also look at Siftrock. they automate this and likely have some best practices you should go through when running this sort of campaign.

Definitely interested to see how it goes - please post your updates and successes here so we can follow along.

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Re: How to leverage Out of Office extracted leads?

Hey Xavier,

Companies like siftrock do a good job of helping you mine OOO emails but what you do with the data captured is really up to you.

I have heard stories similar to what JD mentioned above about these extra leads not really being the ideal target but that may depend on the industry that you are in.

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Re: How to leverage Out of Office extracted leads?


We use Siftrock and one way we leverage the OOO information is the date that the recipient will be returning to the office. For example, if John Smith will be returning to the office Tuesday, January 9th, it is best practice to marketing suspend him until he is able to receive email or calls again.