How to identify organic traffic

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How to identify organic traffic

I'm trying to setup filters to be able identify organic traffic. 

I tried original search engine and original search phrase are not empty, but that returns some strange values. 

LinkedIn is listed as a search engine, and many of the search phrases just contain the "1". 

I also tried visited web is any AND search query is not empty. That seems to return the same values as above. 

Any suggestions for being able to identify organic search traffic? 

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Re: How to identify organic traffic

Thats strange, I haven't seen the search phrase show "1" as the value before.  Have you looked at Original Referrer?  You'll find some search leads there as well.
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Re: How to identify organic traffic

Unfortunately the referrer URL doesn't always pass keyword data. LI links typically are just hashes that don't mean much to us.

I'd say that if you were ranking for certain phrases and you had the right landing pages on your site, that would be one way to handle that.

As for LI, I'd ask support. LI isn't passing over search phrases, so that might have something to do with it.
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Re: How to identify organic traffic

The "1" value showed up in a few of my LinkedIn leads too.