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How to handle Third Party opt outs

We currently receive opt out information from several third-party email services that send on our behalf. Currently they are housed in a separate database. I would like to manage all opt outs in Marketo. Can this be done? Would the opt outs be counted against our purchase tier level of contacts? I also need to periodically download the opt outs to send to the vendors to scrub their lists. Is there an easy way to do this also?



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Re: How to handle Third Party opt outs

You can import third party opt outs by importing as Email Address | Unsubscribe = TRUE or 1.

But if you do that, it will count against you for your record count.

As Greg mentioned in a long post elsewhere, you can then run a flow action Unsubscribe=T or just remove the lead from Marketo. The lead is sent to a secret table called Master Unsubscribed which will prevent you from inadvertently emailing the person again.

You can use a smart list of Unsubscribed=T to download whatever list you need.

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Re: How to handle Third Party opt outs

Hi Carol,

Here is how to do it without increasing the size of the database : Feeding the Durable Unsubscribe List without increasing the database


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Re: How to handle Third Party opt outs

Yes, opt outs are counted against your tier as they will be tracked on the website regardless of email.

You can upload opt-outs from third parties and add them to your opt out list and manage the whole thing from there

Lastly, you can export the optout file and email it.