How to Handle Full Name Duplicates

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How to Handle Full Name Duplicates

In Marketo Database, I found there are many records which have different email addresses with same Full Name. we found that all these records are belongs to the same person. For example, we have a person with an email address '' , then the person moved to a different company and entered into our database with new email address "' with same full name.

we are sure that these records are duplicate records, but not sure how to handle duplicate records based on full name.

Is there any insight to manage duplicates based on full name?

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Re: How to Handle Full Name Duplicates

Hi Suhail EK - Are you looking for a way to get a list of these potential duplicates with the same full name? Or a better way to merge them?

To find a list of them you could use the "Duplicate Fields = Full Name" filter in your smart list - we periodically do this and use our best judgment to merge, especially if we have insight into mergers/acquisitions, personnel moves, or a separate unique identifier (for example, our industry requires our customers to have a specific ID that stays with them even when they change companies). Marketo also has an Easy Merge and Auto Merge services - I don't have experience with them but would be interested to hear from someone who does.