How to group unsubscribe with static lists

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How to group unsubscribe with static lists

I have a small B2B newsletter that I moving into my Marketo instance. The data is not synced, so we have to manually add a static list every quarter when the newsletter goes out.

The issue is that there are people on the static list that have unsubscribed in our previous platform. The source of our data does not manage unsubscribes, so we've always had to manually manage this to comply with CASL.

My question are:

1. If I upload the unsubscribed people in a one-time static list with their preference set as unsubscribed is true, will I have to do this every time I add a new static list? (note: our static list does not indicate preferences)

2. Is there a faster/more efficient way to manage it?

Appreciate your help!

Karen Vuong
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Re: How to group unsubscribe with static lists

If you set the system Unsubscribed field to true, this setting persists even if the the lead is deleted from the database. If someone is later added with the same email address, they will start off as Unsubscribed=true. This is what is known as Durable Unsubscribe.

So what some people do is upload their known-unsubscribed addresses, which will potentially create new leads, then delete only the net new records.

I don't do this myself as I find it overly obscure.  Rather, I use an onboarding process where each net new lead gets looked up in a Google Sheet (via webhook) that holds "early info" about leads that are not yet in the system (so not yet incurring costs). That info can include their Unsubscribed value as well as other enrichment fields.