How to edit Module dimensions?

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How to edit Module dimensions?

Created an email from a starter Template, but I want to shorten the Hero module. Is there a straightforward/easy way in 2.0 to edit the height of a module and get a smaller/shorter Hero section (both background hero image and content module background color block)?

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Re: How to edit Module dimensions?

This is a relative question so I don't know what "easy" means to you, apologies.

What I can tell you is that if you want to manipulate any of that stuff, you'll need to do it in the template.

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Re: How to edit Module dimensions?

Hi Laura,

Yeah, like Jim mentioned, setting up customization would be on the template level.

If you, or anyone you know has HTML/CSS knowledge you can add local (module-level) variables for controlling all these kinds of customizations straight from the email editor.


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Re: How to edit Module dimensions?

You can make the hard coded height a variable, which then can be easily changed in the editor without any coding, please share your hero HTML and I can write the solution for you.