How To Attribute Leads to AdWords Campaign

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How To Attribute Leads to AdWords Campaign

I am looking how to attribute leads to my AdWords Campaigns. A conversion is set in place to where our customer must fill out and submit the contact us form for it to become a conversion. Within Adwords they don't give us a lovely list of leads just the amount of conversions.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a smart list setup or a way to know from the activity logs to actually see what leads may have come from the AdWords Campaigns.


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Re: How To Attribute Leads to AdWords Campaign

Best practices for AdWords campaign influence?

Casandra, please do a search for this topic as there are several answers and ideas that you will have to evaluate.

  • Use Member of Program with Status = X
  • Filled out Form is X on Page Y with Querystring =Z (depends how you designed the program though)
  • Use utms and hidden fields to stamp the lead back to the adwords group or what not. (lots of threads on this).
  • Assign lead to Program and stamp fields with UTMs.