Re: How do you target known leads & customers?

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How do you target known leads & customers?

Known Leads - Goal is to get them back to one our digital properties to accumulate score or complete an action.

Known Customers - Goal is get them to back to complete an action, sign-up for MY Account, etc.

We use email pretty extensively, and are starting to work with Google on list matching efforts. Would love to here what other are doing?

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Re: How do you target known leads & customers?

Hi Michael,

Do you have engagement programs set up? A good effort for targeting these different audiences is through nurturing. In your example you could have a basic nurture for all leads (and nurture based on their stage in the funnel), and then also a customer (or up-sell nurture).



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Re: How do you target known leads & customers?

Hi Michael - I echo Kim's suggestion.  Engagement programs are a great fit for you.

If you are looking to run up scores - try adding web activity campaigns.  If lead visits x amount of pages in x amount of time, send them this piece of content or a related offer.  Because it is triggered on their activity, open rates were stellar and we had a few hundred qualify for this in the first few weeks of setting it up, far exceeding my expectations.

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Re: How do you target known leads & customers?

I agree with the above.  But I also want to add that you should provide them ungated offers.  In both those cases, you know who they are.  There is no need to gate the content at this point.  Drive consumption of your website.  Offers of white papers, infographics etc.  Sometimes its hard to come up with nurtures when you're just the only one.  I hired a contract writer who would write nurture emails at $50 a pop.  If you are short on content, use industry content and point them to insights to fill out your nurture.  Direct them to someone else's blog, some other insightful news and sprinkle that in with your white paper if you only have a few.