Re: How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

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How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

Is there a way that we can alot MSI licenses to specific set of users in Marketo?

How can we understand what level of access Salesforce users will have on the Marketo side via MSI? can they modify any other content that are sitting on Marketo side except adding leads/contacts to marketo campaign, and sending marketo emails?
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Re: How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

Hi Anupam,

Once you install the MSI AppExchange package in Salesforce, you will need to create a Salesforce profile with MSI enabled and assign the specific users to that profile and update the other Salesforce profiles to disable access. There is a very outdated article about how to do this on the community, but the steps are mostly the same:  

Marketo and Salesforce support should both be able to help you through the installation and how to assign permissions to Salesforce users to enable MSI for their profiles. 
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Re: How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

Salesforce users won't be able to make any changes in marketo - if they have the MSI plugin they can only take actions in SFDC. They can send and track emails, add leads to campaigns, and get lots of insights into lead actions and history. They can modify templates you provide to them but can't save them and it doesn't affect anyone else.

Hope this helps!
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Re: How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

Generally the licenses are for the Outlook/gmail plugin, but Marketo does prefer it if you can restrict MSI viewing in SFDC to just those people that need it.

You would do this by creating a Profile and Page Layout that offers MSI on the Contact/Lead/Account. Usually you do this for the Sales Profiles and Marketing Profiles.
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Re: How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

Our organization bought 40 licenses for MSI and just turned it on for our entire sales staff. Including our maketing team this totals slightly over 40 SFDC users. How does Marketo monitor and police that only 40 seats are being used?

Further confusing the issue is that in the Admin panel of Marketo in the Sales Insight section we see:

Licensed Seats:   40 (41 used in last 30 days)

From what we can tell everyone (over 40 people) have access, but we wanted to be sure.

I understand that the Email Plug-in is limited to the 40 named users, but we haven't given access to a significant number of users yet.

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

From what I can see - the MSI can be "used" by anyone i.e. History etc-  the limitations come when you want the Sales team to begin true SFDC / Marketo integration via Email sends etc.

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Re: How do I manage Sales Insight licenses?

Hi Anupam-

Instead of controlling it at a Profile level inside of SFDC, you should be able to grant the MSI visual force elements via Permission Set (which is easier to control than swapping Profiles). The current MSI licensing theory is that if you have the plug-in, you should also have the MSI tab and vice versa.

Good luck.