Help setting up a Winback/Reactivation campaign

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Help setting up a Winback/Reactivation campaign

Hi there! I'm setting up a Winback/Reactivation engagement program in Marketo and I have a few questions. Suggestions or experiences, tips and best practices are welcomed and much appreciated!

The campaign will include all inactive contacts as defined by those who have no email open/click, no form fill, no web page visit/click in the past 90 days. We have set up a smart list for the inactive contacts. We will be sending 6 total emails over the course of 30 days (emails will be sent on days 1, 4, 10, 15, 25, and 30). The final email will include a message about updating email preferences, and if no re-engagement by day 30, the plan is to delete the leads.

My questions are regarding setup of the engagement program, streams, and transition rules:

1) Should we create a separate stream for each of the separate days? There would be 5 total streams (one each for day 4,10,15, 25, and 30), with the first stream including a flow that would send email #1.

2) Would the transition rules between streams simply be the removal from the smart list that was created for inactives, since if someone is removed from the smart list, it would mean that they have re-engaged with either an email, web visit, or form fill.

3) When should we use the filters for "add to engagement stream" for this, if at all?

4) Is an engagement program w/streams the most effective way to set this campaign up, or does it make just as much sense to create individual email programs (one for each of the email sends) and track each individually?

5) Any tips on reporting for this campaign and measuring results? I planned to monitor the decrease in the leads included in the inactive smart list in order to measure results on how many people re-engaged. Thoughts?

Thank you in advance!!

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Re: Help setting up a Winback/Reactivation campaign

Hi Katie!

I have experience of making similar engagement programs where emails are sent out on specific days where I used a stream for each day.

If you were to make a stream for each day you would need the following:

  1. Smart campaigns to manage delivered emails and manage transitions between streams.
  2. Pausing cadence before wait step and resuming cadence after wait step (otherwise you can get a lot of exhausted content notifications) - Realized this one after 300+ notifications had come in
  3. Smart campaigns for managing bounces to e.g. pause cadence and move to bounced stream (otherwise leads will get stuck in some streams)

What I could recommend from my experience:

  1. Make one stream with all emails
  2. Use a good naming convention - e.g. NUR-WB-D1, NUR-WB-D4, etc...
  3. Set up Smart Campaigns when emails are delivered to Pause cadence, Wait x days, Resume Cadence. So for example: Email is Delivered (trigger) w constraint Email contains NUR-WB-D1, Flow = Pause cadence, Wait 2 days and 12 hours (give some space before next cast instead of waiting 3 days exactly), Resume Cadence
  4. Set up Smart Campaigns to Pause cadence for bounced emails and move them to Paused/Opted Out stream
  5. Measure Success for WB, could also be good to know what Email caused it, date stamp for entry of stream and date stamp for completion/success

I might be missing something else here, if I can think of something else I will let you know.

Basically one stream could be easier to manage since if you need to reconnect or change Smart Campaigns with long wait steps it can essentially mess up the ongoing flow for leads in the Smart Campaign and cause a lot of headaches and frustrations (if you add more flow-steps Marketo can confuse which actual flowstep the lead is in since it looks at them by step Number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...).

Would be interesting to hear what input others have on this topic!


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Re: Help setting up a Winback/Reactivation campaign

  1. If you must do this irregular cadence, then consider a regular campaign drip. Engagements are designed for regular cadences like Every Thursday at 10am.
    1. This determines every thing else...

Please see my slides here

Nurturing Your Audience the Way they Want to be Nurtured

before you begin. It will answer some of your other questions. What Erik says about using campaigns to manage/exit bad records is a good idea.