Has forward to a friend been updated or abandoned?

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Has forward to a friend been updated or abandoned?

I cant seem to find much on forward to a friend in terms of data privacy.  Seems you cant store/process someones data without their consent but thats exactly what F2F does.


Seems mailchimp can forward to a friend without storing any data! has this feature just been abandoned.  My last test on it seems to still be that awful form that you cant do much with.


Anyone got a great way round this? or have I misunderstood how it works or the legal issues I think it has?

Does anyone use forward to a friend or any other method?



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Re: Has forward to a friend been updated or abandoned?

Whether you need consent to store data depends on jurisdiction, so there’s not just one answer to that.


The Forward to Friend form can be customized (I have a blog post about it if you search) but it does always create a new, Unsubscribed lead. Of course you can automatically delete that lead after it sends the email.


For a more robust solution, you could build something pairing the View as Web Page view with a custom form + API call to an intermediate service. That service can store only a hashed email in Marketo (thus not identifiable) and make the whole transaction more anonymous.

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Re: Has forward to a friend been updated or abandoned?

I have never used Forward to a Friend in any Marketo and I've never seen it being used in any Marketo email I've received. So I suppose it's pretty much dead.


For two reasons I guess:


1. Any email client can forward an email, and any email recipient knows how to do that. So why would you need a tool's help to forward? Which would also be less comfortable as you have to type in name and email address which your email client's address book usually does for you.

2. The only reason the function exists must be to collect the data of the forwardee. An action you don't have consent for, which makes it dubious or simply illegal in many parts of the world.

If I were Adobe, I'd remove it from Marketo.